Storage services


Storage is a very important part of the work of our company. Many of our clients are interested in storage containers, cargoes and other services of storage of.

At our storage your container and goods to be stored in complete any period of time from several days to several months.

Good quality provision of storage services largely depends on the stock. Warehouse Company "Contrans" guarded round the clock, which protects goods from damage or disappearance. Qualified personnel and modern equipment, and provide high-quality processing of your cargo and its safe storage.

We offer:

• Storage of loaded and empty containers;
• Storage of refrigerated and tank containers can be connected to the mains;
• Secure storage and warehousing stock in the indoor and outdoor area at the terminal;
• Organization of loading - unloading operations manual and mechanized with the use of mobile ramps;
• Cross-docking (repacking goods), receipt and shipment of goods without placing it in the warehouse;
• Sorting and equipment orders, selection of an order or an order for shipment of parts;
• Provide the necessary reports on the storage of goods in an electronic format.